School system recognizes employees for years of service

School system recognizes employees for years of service


Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kimberly Hill congratulates Maria “Mollie” Johnson for 45 years of service to CCPS during a ceremony held Feb. 27. 

The Board of Education on Thursday, Feb. 27, honored Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) employees for their years of service to the school system and children during a ceremony held at the Jesse L. Starkey Administration Building. Honored were those employees who have contributed to the school system with careers that total either 45, 40, 35, 30 and 25 years.

Maria “Mollie” Johnson is the supervising pupil personnel worker (PPW) for CCPS and was honored for 45 years of service. She began her career with the school system as a teacher at Indian Head Elementary School in 1968. Johnson also worked for several years as a special education teacher at Gale-Bailey Elementary School, and then served as an IEP facilitator at Gale-Bailey, Indian Head and Mt. Hope/Nanjemoy elementary schools, General Smallwood Middle School and Henry E. Lackey High School.

Johnson became a PPW in 1988 and worked with students and families at Indian Head, Gale-Bailey, Mt. Hope/Nanjemoy, Smallwood and Lackey. She was named the supervising PPW in 1998.  Additionally, the Board of Education honored 79 other CCPS employees with 40, 35, 30 and 25 years of service. 

Employees with 40 years of service are: 

• James Morrow, pupil personnel worker, Mattawoman Middle School;
• Barbara Pennington, physical education teacher, John Hanson Middle School;
• Sandra Shegogue, secretary, Piccowaxen Middle School;
• Henry Sinkey, instructional resource teacher, William A. DiggsElementary School; and
• Brenda Warren, media specialist, Gale-Bailey Elementary School.

Employees with 35 years of service are:

• Melbourne “Butch” Arbin, career and technology resource teacher,Starkey;
• Brenda Bivins, pre-school instructional assistant, William B. WadeElementary School;
• Frances Bugin, staff accountant-investment accounts, Starkey;
• Lee Clark, mail truck driver, Starkey;
• James Dunleavy, physical education teacher, La Plata High School;
• Clifford Eichel, director of research and assessment, Starkey;
• Catherine Flowers, kindergarten teacher, Mary H. Matula Elementary School;
• Charles Kelly, acting maintenance foreman, Maintenance Shop;
• Nicolette Kirby, child care teacher, North Point High School;
• Billie Laub, speech therapist, Matula;
• Diane McGuire, second-grade teacher, Berry Elementary School;
• Arnold Miller, physical education teacher, Milton M. Somers Middle School;
• Oksana Mouchyn-Dobbs, special education teacher, La Plata;
• Jerome Petty, vice principal, Somers;
• Patricia Pugliese, science teacher, Hanson;
• Dawn Schaeffer, coordinator of staff development, Starkey;
• Mary Seremet, gifted education resource teacher, Starkey; and
• Dell Simmons, building service manager, J.P. Ryon Elementary School.

Employees with 30 years of service are:

• Roberta Bragunier, special education teacher, Walter J. MitchellElementary School;
• Joseph Brawner, building service manager, Henry E. Lackey High School;
• Constance Conover, third-grade teacher, Mitchell;
• Thomas Edwards, physical education teacher, Wade;
• Mary Ann Farmer, printing technician, Starkey;
• Debra Haan, physical education teacher, Arthur Middleton Elementary School;
• Carol Leveillee, principal, Mary B. Neal Elementary School;
• Linda Lund, kindergarten teacher, Wade;
• Elizabeth Miller, accounting manager, Starkey; and
• Wanda Scott, secretary to director, Starkey.

Employees with 25 years of service are:

• Suzanne Alpert, student data accounting clerk, Somers;
• Gerard Barrett, coordinating supervisor of planning and construction,Annex Building;
• Diane Bicknell, physical therapist, F.B. Gwynn Educational Center;
• Andrea Binetti, psychologist, Dr. Thomas L. Higdon Elementary School and Piccowaxen;
• Diane Brawner, building service manager, Benjamin Stoddert Middle School;
• Melanie Cole, business education teacher, North Point;
• Richard Conn, pupil personnel worker, Maurice J. McDonough High School;
• Sue DelaCruz, pupil personnel worker, Higdon and Piccowaxen;
• Armand DelaCruz, Spanish teacher, Westlake High School;
• Karen Dempsey, gifted education teacher, Berry;
• Levi Dent, building service manager, Dr. Gustavus Brown Elementary School;
• Donna DePamphilis, special education IEP facilitator, Gale-Bailey;
• Ernest Downs, foreman of electrical-mechanical group, Maintenance Shop;
• Janice Earnshaw, third-grade teacher, Higdon;
• Ellen Estevez, science teacher, North Point;
• Donna Griffin, fourth-grade teacher, Wade;
• Carl Hamilton, carpenter II, Maintenance Shop;
• Connie Harris, physical education teacher, Westlake;
• Beverly Hoy, psychologist, Lackey;
• Pamela Jackson, special education instructional assistant, Mitchell;
• Elizabeth Jameson, second-grade teacher, T.C. Martin Elementary School;
• Larry Johnson, building service worker, Lackey;
• Jennifer Jolliffe, fifth-grade teacher, Wade;
• Anita Latham, guidance secretary, Thomas Stone High School;
• Angela MacKay, fourth-grade teacher, Mitchell;
• Nancy Mathena, special education instructional assistant, Lackey;
• Betty Mazzeo, music teacher-vocal, McDonough;
• Andrew McKibbins, English teacher, Westlake;
• Katherine Miles, mathematics teacher, La Plata;
• Jeannie Proctor, kindergarten teacher, Berry;
• Mary Quade, food service manager, Matthew Henson Middle School;
• Victoria Ramos, fifth-grade teacher, Martin;
• Cherie Reynolds, secretary to the principal, Piccowaxen;
• Carolyn Richardson, principal, Matula;
• George Risko, HVAC mechanic II, Maintenance Shop;
• Scott Sisolak, specialist in mathematics, Starkey;
• Constance Sorzano, media instructional assistant, Martin;
• Glenn Stergar, computer resource teacher, North Point;
• Maureen Stewart, Spanish teacher, North Point;
• Michael Sturman, physical education teacher, La Plata;
• Sherella Swann, secretary in instruction, Starkey;
• Ernestine Swann, guidance secretary, Somers;
• John Thompson, painter II, Maintenance Shop;
• Katrina Thompson, student data accounting clerk, Lackey;
• Gloria Ward, head of accounts payable, Starkey; and
• Jean Washington, reading instructional assistant, McDonough.

The Board of Education honors employees annually for years of service to Charles County Public Schools.

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