Malcolm Elementary School open on Monday, March 30

Malcolm Elementary School open on Monday, March 30

Malcolm Elementary School will open tomorrow, Monday, March 30, for a full day of instruction. Maintenance staff worked over the weekend to have a 6,000-gallon tanker connected to Malcolm in order to pump water to the school. Additionally, staff has supplied Malcolm with bottled water and cups for drinking water.

The school system is working to have a contractor drill a new well as soon as possible. Maintenance and operations employees feel confident that the temporary system will work well until the new well is finished.

Last week, the well pump failed. A contractor determined on Friday that the pump was pulling sand through the well and pump screens, which damaged the pump. The school system has been advised a new well is needed. Both the State and County health departments have reviewed the temporary water supply plans for Malcolm.

As a reminder, school is open Monday, March 30, Tuesday, March 31 and Wednesday, April 1 to make up days missed due to snow. Wednesday is a two-hour early dismissal day.

Visit the school system website,, or call the Charles County Public Schools 24-hour information at 301-934-7410/301-932-6656 for the most up-to-date CCPS information.


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