Charles County students selected for Tri-County choirs

Charles County students selected for Tri-County choirs

More than 80 Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) students were recently selected to participate in the Tri-County Chorus groups. Middle and high school students from Charles, Calvert and St. Mary’s counties participate in the audition process.

Hundreds of students audition to be a part of the Tri-County choirs. The audition process requires students to sing a prepared solo and four site-reading pieces before a panel of judges. The top scoring students are then selected to participate in a concert, held annually.

The students selected to sing in the Tri-County chorus groups are as follows:

High school participants:

  • Samantha Brown, sophomore, Henry E. Lackey High School;
  • Matthew Jones, junior, Lackey;
  • Qionn Williams, freshman, Lackey;
  • Joshua Hilson, junior, La Plata High School;
  • Kimberly Boenig, junior, Maurice J. McDonough High School;
  • Pateley Bongiorni, senior, McDonough;
  • Sean Bowie, junior, McDonough;
  • Genesis Burch, senior, McDonough;
  • Caitlin Cherry, senior, McDonough;
  • Taylor Covington, freshman, McDonough;
  • Dezmond Covington, sophomore, McDonough;
  • Landon Cube, sophomore, McDonough;
  • Samantha Donaldson, sophomore, McDonough;
  • Faith Hawkins, junior, McDonough;
  • Gillian McGee, sophomore, McDonough;
  • Christy Percosky, senior, McDonough;
  • Noah Perry, sophomore, McDonough;
  • Lucas Salada, senior, McDonough;
  • Raymond Sorenson, senior, McDonough;
  • Amanda Unzicker, sophomore, McDonough;
  • Amber Williams, sophomore, McDonough;
  • Harmony Zattau, senior, McDonough;
  • Ari Amowitz, senior, North Point High School;
  • Alycia Delgado, junior, North Point;
  • Keion Farrar, senior, North Point;
  • Jason Hamilton, sophomore, North Point;
  • Marissa Hapner, freshman, North Point;
  • Oliva Johnson, senior, North Point;
  • Anna Radtke, sophomore, North Point;
  • Karsten Ramirez, senior, North Point;
  • Crystal Simmons, junior, North Point;
  • Liesl Wegand, senior, North Point;
  • Elizabeth Palmer, junior, Thomas Stone High School;
  • Kahlil Feeling, senior, Westlake High School;
  • Leon Gilmore, junior, Westlake;
  • Carl McManus, senior, Westlake;
  • Gregory Murray, freshman, Westlake;
  • Stephanie Patterson, junior, Westlake; and
  • Antonio Robinson, senior, Westlake.

Middle school participants:

  • Miina Tarjamo, eighth grade, Theodore G. Davis Middle School;
  • Tristan Elrod, seventh grade, John Hanson Middle School;
  • Dominic Hopkins, eighth grade, Hanson;
  • Dalton Irven, seventh grade, Hanson;
  • Jonathon Moss, eighth grade, Hanson;
  • Sophia Tiller, eighth grade, Hanson;
  • Ariel White, eighth grade, Hanson;
  • Anthony Williams, seventh grade, Hanson;
  • Barachel Butler eighth grade, Mattawoman Middle School;
  • Mya Cantillano, sixth grade, Mattawoman;
  • Tianna Dailey, seventh grade, Mattawoman;
  • Dexter Gilliard, seventh grade, Mattawoman;
  • Ciera Griffin, eighth grade, Mattawoman;
  • Ryan Harris, seventh grade, Mattawoman;
  • Malcom Johnson, seventh grade, Mattawoman;
  • Elijah Jones-Maldon, sixth grade, Mattawoman;
  • Haley Martelle, eighth grade, Mattawoman;
  • Ravin Mizelle, eighth grade, Mattawoman;
  • Skylar Veirs, seventh grade, Mattawoman;
  • Rudee Brothers, eighth grade, Matthew Henson Middle School;
  • Jasmyne Burrell, eighth grade, Henson;
  • Teea Clark, eighth grade, Henson;
  • Yoel Fortaleza, seventh grade, Henson;
  • Shelby Hiens, sixth grade, Henson;
  • Destiny Lancaster, eighth grade, Henson;
  • Myah Medley, seventh grade, Henson;
  • Evan Patterson, eighth grade, Henson;
  • Corlise Taylor, eighth grade, Henson;
  • Jonathon Thomas, sixth grade, Henson;
  • Jalan Walker, sixth grader, Henson;
  • Nichelle Wilburn, eighth grade, Henson;
  • Bailey Latimer, eighth grade, Piccowaxen Middle School;
  • Lauren Oneil, seventh grade, Piccowaxen;
  • Trey Jolly, seventh grade, General Smallwood Middle School;
  • Emily Lane, sixth grade, Smallwood;
  • Rachel Schuessler, seventh grade, Smallwood;
  • Victoria Carter, eighth grade, Milton M. Somers Middle School;
  • Elaina Dixon, eighth grade, Somers;
  • Hayden Gould, eighth grade, Somers;
  • Vivian Llopez, eighth grade, Somers;
  • Lauren Macmillan, eighth grade, Somers;
  • Aaron Oliveira, seventh grade, Benjamin Stoddert Middle School;
  • Mya Perkins, eighth grade, Stoddert; and
  • Brittany Staton, eighth grade, Stoddert.

The Tri-County choirs will perform at 2 p.m., Feb. 9, at the Mary Harrison Center located in Calvert County. The address for the center is 2950 Chaneyville Rd, Owings, MD 20736.

Charles County Public Schools provides 26,500 students in grades prekindergarten through 12 with an academically challenging education. Located in Southern Maryland, Charles County Public Schools has 35 schools that offer a technologically advanced, progressive and high quality education that builds character, equips for leadership and prepares students for life, careers and higher education.

The Charles County public school system does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability in its programs, activities or employment practices. For inquiries, please contact Dr. Patricia Vaira, Title IX Coordinator and Section 504 Coordinator (students) or Connie W. Armstead, Section 504 Coordinator (employees/adults), at Charles County Public Schools, central office building, P.O. Box 2770, La Plata, Maryland 20646. 301-932-6610/301-870-3814. For special accommodations call 301-934-7230 or TDD 1-800-735-2258 two weeks prior to the event.

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