CCPS kindergarten to Grade 8 virtual learning program acceptances in process

CCPS kindergarten to Grade 8 virtual learning program acceptances in process

Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) will welcome more than 27,000 students to school on Monday, Aug. 30. This includes students who were accepted to attend the virtual learning program recently offered to kindergarten through Grade 8 students.

On Aug. 26, CCPS notified families who applied for their child to participate in the program of their application status. Email notifications were sent to the primary email on file in the CCPS student information system. Parents who applied but did not receive an email update should call 301-932-6610 and ask to speak to a CCPS staff member.

Parents of students who were selected for the program have until 5 p.m., Monday, Aug. 30, to accept or deny their child’s space. Families who were waitlisted will be contacted next week by CCPS if a space for their child becomes available.

CCPS received a total of 2,584 applications. Out of those applications, a total of 1,745 students were eligible based off the identified criteria. Several applications were denied due to program qualifications. This includes a review of fourth-quarter grades and attendance data for students from the 2020-2021 school year.

Filling the 450 lottery seats are students from every Charles County Public elementary and middle school. Accepted students who have either an IEP or 504 plan on file with CCPS are conditionally accepted pending the outcome of a school-based IEP/504 meeting to determine if their services can be provided in the virtual learning program.  

The lottery process used to select the 450 students includes the following measures.

  • All application data was collected using Microsoft Forms.
  • Each application was cross referenced in the CCPS student information system to check eligibility. Applications were reviewed to ensure students met outlined grade and attendance criteria.
  • Eligible students were then sorted electronically by grade level. Students in each grade level were then sorted by date in the order in which their application was received.
  • From each sorted grade level list, students were electronically assigned a random number and then the list was sorted by number in numerical order. The first 50 students – students randomly assigned numbers 1 to 50 – were offered acceptance into the program.
  • The wait list is broken down by grade level, and spaces will be offered to eligible waitlisted students who were assigned numbers 51 and after during the random electronic number assignment.
  • Application data was sorted electronically using an Excel spreadsheet.

Any CCPS family with children who have documented medical needs should contact the CCPS Office of Home and Hospital Instruction. Families who pursue this option must provide documentation from their child’s physician in order to enroll. Through home and hospital services, elementary school students receive limited instruction in the core content areas of reading and mathematics. Secondary-level students receive limited instruction in the core content areas of math, language arts, social studies, science and a World language. High school students are offered additional courses they may need to meet graduation requirements. 

CCPS has safety guidelines and procedures in place for the safe operation of schools. Standard operating procedures for CCPS are posted on the school system website here and updated as needed.

Since the start of the pandemic, staff continue to work with local and state agencies to monitor health metrics and COVID-19 data.  As of today, CCPS does not plan to offer additional virtual learning options for students but continues to plan for any necessary changes in operations.

Parents with questions about the virtual learning program should email 

About CCPS

Charles County Public Schools provides 27,000 students in grades prekindergarten through 12 with an academically challenging education. Located in Southern Maryland, Charles County Public Schools has 37 schools that offer a technologically advanced, progressive and high quality education that builds character, equips for leadership and prepares students for life, careers and higher education.

The Charles County public school system does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or disability in its programs, activities or employment practices. For inquiries, please contact Kathy Kiessling, Title IX/ADA/Section 504 Coordinator (students) or Nikial Majors, Title IX/ADA/Section 504 coordinator (employees/ adults), at Charles County Public Schools, Jesse L. Starkey Administration Building, P.O. Box 2770, La Plata, MD 20646; 301-932-6610/301-870-3814. For special accommodations call 301-934-7230 or TDD 1-800-735-2258 two weeks prior to the event. CCPS provides nondiscriminatory equal access to school facilities in accordance with its Use of Facilities rules to designated youth groups (including, but not limited to, the Boy Scouts).

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