Board honors outstanding employees

Board honors outstanding employees

The Board of Education honored six Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) employees with Outstanding Personnel Awards on June 11. Honored were:

  • Ricky Rawls, building service assistant manager, C. Paul Barnhart Elementary School;
  • Charles Ford, food service manager, North Point High School;
  • Mary Long, computer technology instructional assistant, Piccowaxen Middle School;
  • Joseph Dorsey, general maintenance worker, Radio Station Road Annex Building;
  • Dorothy Johnson, secretary, General Smallwood Middle School; and
  • Tak Cheng, network engineer, Jesse L. Starkey Administration Building.

Rawls is the 2013 Outstanding Building Service Employee. He is the building service assistant manager and has worked at Barnhart since 1997. Rawls was nominated by Barnhart staff, including Principal Amy Hollstein, Vice Principal Troy Barnes and Joseph Adams, the building service manager. In his award nomination letters, Rawls is described as dedicated, courteous, trustworthy, polite and professional. “He is willing to do whatever it takes to accommodate the needs of staff as well as ensuring building security, safety and cleanliness. Rawls demonstrates a deep understanding of his job, the requirements of his job, a desire to learn and leadership,” Barnes wrote in a nomination letter. Rawls goes above and beyond to assist staff in any way necessary and has established cooperative relationships with students, colleagues and the community. He also ensures that the building is safe and well-maintained on a daily basis, and strives to follow through on all tasks. Hollstein said Rawls is most worthy of recognition. “The main reason that Ricky is deserving and worthy of this great honor is his 'whatever it takes' attitude. He finds a way to solve every problem and is always positive in his interactions with staff and students. I have never asked Ricky for something that he does not find a way to accomplish and is genuinely happy to help,” Hollstein wrote in a nomination letter.

Ford is the 2013 Outstanding Food Service Employee. He has worked at North Point as a food service worker for the past five years and was nominated for the award by North Point staff, including former Principal Kimberly Hill, Acting Principal Michael Simms and Tony Mast, administrative assistant. He was nominated for demonstrating a positive attitude, for being dependable and hard-working, and for doing what is necessary to get his job done effectively. “Ford strives daily to ensure that students are offered the freshest meals possible and encourages staff to be welcoming and friendly toward students. His loyalty toward his job and the school is one of his best qualities,” said Kim Wojnar, a food service worker at North Point, in a nomination letter. One of Ford's biggest accomplishments was helping to transition the school to a one-hour lunch model, which presented the challenge of feeding more than 2,200 students in a short amount of time. Ford worked creatively with staff to meet this challenge, and adapts well to day-to-day school schedule changes from testing and other events. He is accommodating and resourceful in utilizing his staff and time to prepare food accordingly. “Mr. Ford faces the toughest challenge of any school I have worked at due to the large student population and our one hour lunch program. However, he never complains about his working environment and always maximizes his results,” North Point Vice Principal Brian McCarthy wrote in a nomination letter.

Long is the 2013 Outstanding Instructional Support Employee. She has worked for Charles County Public Schools for 17 years and was nominated by school staff, including Piccowaxen Vice Principal Charmaine Young-Waddy, and teachers Sandy Chisholm and Kerri Loyd. She is an instructional assistant in the media center and splits her time between the front office and school library. She was nominated for her positive attitude and her willingness to help faculty, students, and parents with anything they need. She pays attention to detail and has excellent organizational skills that allow her to multitask and cover her various duties. When working with students in the media center, Long guides students conducting research and keeps them on task. Principal Kenneth Schroeck said Long is an example of a top-quality individual. She is always there to lend a helping hand when a student is in need of help in our media center. “Compassionate, dedicated and high-energy individuals are the cornerstone of any top quality educational system. Ms. Mary Long is one such person. She is one of the most outstanding professionals with whom I have had the pleasure to work,” Schroeck wrote in a nomination letter.

Dorsey is the 2013 Outstanding Maintenance Employee. He has worked for Charles County Public Schools for the past six years and was nominated for the award by Wesley Guntow, a school system foreman with the facilities department. He was nominated for demonstrating good character and a strong work ethic. Dorsey consistently strives to better himself and his quality of work is exceptional. He helps to maintain maintenance department sensitive inventory and assists daily with work orders. Dorsey also takes on extra duties and is willing to help whenever he is needed. Guntow said Dorsey is an instrumental member of his department and a stand-out employee in his department. “The quality of work, the time in which he finishes assigned tasks, his overall concern for his fellow workers and CCPS as a whole has always been evident. In short, Mr. Dorsey is a team player,” Guntow wrote in a nomination letter.

Johnson is the 2013 Outstanding Secretary and has worked for the school system for the past 30 years. Her nomination was a group effort and coordinated by Smallwood Principal Kathy Perriello. Johnson was nominated for her kind demeanor, positive rapport with staff, students and the community, and for her commitment to helping where she is needed. She always arrives early and stays late to ensure all tasks on her schedule are complete and the school is ready for the next day of business. Johnson is well known at Smallwood for her friendly personality and her ability to foster relationships with students and the community. She also assists the Parent-Teacher-Organization (PTO) with anything they need and often goes above and beyond her duties to get things done in an organized and efficient manner. Perriello said that Johnson is essential in setting the tone at Smallwood. “The truth is General Smallwood could not operate without Ms. Johnson. She performs all of her duties, and those of others, in the most effective and efficient manner. The front office sets the tone of the building, and I am confident that anyone who enters the main office feels welcomed, appreciated and respected,” Perriello wrote in a nomination letter.

Cheng is the 2013 Outstanding Information Technology employee. He has worked for the school system for the past 17 years, and has been a network engineer at the Starkey Building since 2008. He was nominated for the award by technology staff for his commitment to ensuring that all school and system building servers are operating normally, assisting others by providing technological support and advice, and for his dedication to his position. Cheng takes a great deal of pride in his work and displays a professional and competent demeanor. He is the head of the local area network (LAN) team and helps manage all servers throughout the county. He also provides support to computer analysts and ensures that all staff members who work with technology are properly trained. Cheng also serves as a mentor to others in the technology department and is often sought out for assistance with technical difficulties. Lora Bennett, the information technology manager for CCPS, said Cheng is a true asset to the school system. “Tak is focused on making our school system and the technology work better for our staff and students. He takes great pride in his work and the work of our entire department, often going out of his way to make sure any obstacles are addressed immediately,” Bennett wrote in an award nomination letter.

The Board each year honors exemplary support staff in six different job categories. The goals of the awards are to recognize exemplary employees in the areas of building services, food services, maintenance, secretarial services, instructional support, and information technology to encourage employees to provide creative and quality services that support the effective and efficient operations of the school system.

Charles County Public Schools provides 26,700 students in grades prekindergarten through 12 with an academically challenging education. Located in Southern Maryland, Charles County Public Schools has 35 caring community schools that offer a technologically advanced, progressive and high quality education that builds character, equips for leadership and prepares students for life, careers and higher education.

Pictured above are staff honored by the Board of Education with Outstanding Personnel Awards on June 11. Pictured from left are: Dorothy Johnson, secretary, General Smallwood Middle School; Tak Cheng, network engineer, Jesse L. Starkey Administration Building; Ricky Rawls, building service assistant manager, C. Paul Barnhart Elementary School; Charles Ford, food service worker, North Point High School; and Mary Long, instructional assistant, Piccowaxen Middle School.

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