Guide to CCPS IDs


Employee badges


Annual stickers

  • The sticker should be displayed on the bottom right-hand side of the employee badge
  • All employees should have the expiration date sticker on their badge by December 1. After December 1, any badge without the expiration date sticker is considered expired. Additional stickers are available through the Office of School Safety and Security.
  • New expiration stickers will be supplied to staff in August of each new school year
  • Will feature a unique design annually with the school year printed on it
  • Must be on all employee, substitute and transportation staff IDs featuring the appropriate school year
  • People who display an ID card without the proper expiration sticker will be denied entry and/or services
  • Retirees with a CCPS-issued badge are not required to display an expiration date sticker.


Substitute badges

  • Are issued daily by individual schools
  • Only confirm the substitute teacher’s assignment and authorization to work for the day
  • Must sign out a badge at the start of each workday and return it at the end of the business day
  • Not allowed to keep a badge overnight


Transportation badges

  • Are issued to all bus drivers and bus attendants
  • Must be worn for access to all schools
  • Only confirm active employment and authorization to access a CCPS facility for official business
  • Expire at the end of each school year


Retiree badges

  • Are issued to retired employees of CCPS
  • Grant free access to CCPS events and sports
    Can be used for discounts at participating local businesses
  • Do not expire

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Contractor badges

  • Are issued to foodservice contractors, building service contractors, or as needed
  • Only confirm active employment and authorization to work within a CCPS facility
  • Have an expiration date at the bottom of the card

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