CCPS now offering supplemental group term life insurance

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Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) offers a supplemental group term life insurance plan for eligible employees. Employees who work 20 plus hours per week can sign up for the plan. The term is one year and employees do not have to re-enroll annually. The plan is provided by ReliaStar Life Insurance, part of the Voya Company.

Eligible employees can sign up online through the CCPS benefits website at Select the “Register or Reset your Account” option.

The plan offers supplemental life insurance of $20,000 to $500,000 in $10,000 increments. Employees can elect up to $250,000 in coverage without providing any evidence of insurability, or complete a health questionnaire. This plan benefit provides options for those employees who may be excluded from standard life insurance policies for pre-existing medical conditions.

Plan payments are set up for payroll deduction, but are not a pre-tax deduction. This is different from the two currently available life insurance plans for eligible employees: the Board of Education sponsored plan and the American General Life Insurance plans. Deductions for these plans are pre-taxed for employees. Deductions for the new supplemental plan are taken as an after-tax payment.

Employees who sign up for the supplemental plan can also add benefits for their spouse and children. Spousal coverage is available in increments of $10,000 up to a maximum of $50,000. Spousal coverage is not subject to evidence of insurability, and it cannot exceed the amount chosen by the policyholder. Employees can choose coverage for their children, with a benefit of either $5,000 or $10,000.

Costs are determined by age as follows (monthly rate shown for one individual per $1,000 of coverage)

  • Ages 25 and under – $0.05
  • Ages 25 to 29 – $0.06 
  • Ages 30 to 34 – $0.08
  • Ages 35 to 39 – $0.10 
  • Ages 40 to 44 – $0.13 
  • Ages 45 to 49 – $0.22 
  • Ages 50 to 54 – $0.36 
  • Ages 55 to 59 – $0.56
  • Ages 60 to 64 – $0.88 
  • Ages 65 to 69 – $1.58
  • Ages 70 and over – $2.83

Rates are subject to change annually in January, but are guaranteed for the full plan term of one year. The monthly cost for eligible children, per child, is $1 for $5,000 of coverage and $2 for $10,000. Employees who want benefits for either their spouse or eligible children must have a policy for themselves.

Employees who sign up for supplemental life insurance through CCPS and retire must convert the policy through Voya to an individual whole life insurance policy. Staff who purchase the insurance and terminate their employment with CCPS can also convert their policy with Voya. Retirees and former CCPS employees who convert a policy with Voya will still receive the same monthly plan rates offered to current staff.

Age reductions also apply. The benefit amount reduces to 65 percent of the original coverage once the policyholder turns 70, and reduces again to 50 percent of original coverage at age 75.

Visit for more information and to access a life insurance needs calculator. Questions about CCPS staff benefits, retirement accounts and more can be directed to the CCPS Office of Benefits at 301-934-7459 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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