CCPS Enhances School Security
Students and staff participate in hours of training for many types of emergencies — from tornados to fires to active shooters. This webpage provides information about what happens when a threat is reported, how we plan and practice for an emergency, and to also educate and give advice prior to an emergency situation. There is also information about the safety enhancements made during the past school year and the mental health services the school system offers.

Events over the past decade have caused CCPS and schools across the nation to rethink school safety and work even harder to make schools the safest possible places for students and staff. CCPS values safety and is creating a culture of putting safety first while helping parents know what is expected during a crisis.

Our ultimate goal is to prevent unsafe situations. It takes all of us — parents, community members, students and staff — working together to keep our schools safe. 

Safety and Security Advisory Council
During the 2017-18 school year, Superintendent Kimberly Hill created a community-based Safety and Security Advisory Council. Members are volunteers with diverse backgrounds and expertise in security, law enforcement, mental health and other areas. The committee meets quarterly and provides suggestions and recommendations to the Superintendent and staff. Members are divided into four subgroups. Most recently, the facilities subgroup conducted site visits/threat assessments at a number of schools. During the school visits, the group focused on entrance points, arrival and dismissal procedures, lunch times, and completed or planned security enhancements.

All Hazard Planning
All hazard planning is an emergency management strategy that guides the creation of comprehensive crisis plans for organizations. CCPS has adopted an all hazard planning approach that includes processes and guidance that will assist us in preventing, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from any type of an emergency. CCPS meets, plans, and practices its emergency plans with all its public safety, governmental, and non-governmental partners on a regular basis.

Memorandums of Understanding
Memorandum of Understanding between The Charles County Sheriff's Office and Charles County Public Schools

CCPS has a number of Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with community agencies and organizations. MOUs specify the support the school system can expect from outside organizations in its daily operations. Most notable MOUs are with the Charles County Sheriff’s Office, the Charles County Department of Health and the College of Southern Maryland (CSM).

Safety and Security Measures


Tip Line: 301-302-8305
State Tip Line: 833-MD-B-SAFE 
Student Crime Solvers

Emergency Response Codes

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