Students are offered opportunities to become involved in extracurricular activities that contribute to their overall development and enhance the academic program. Eligibility is determined on a quarterly basis, and grades are calculated and reported in four quarters during the school year. Students must have a minimum 2.25 grade-point average (GPA) and no failing (F) grades. Students who are absent fewer than 5 days from the previous quarter may be eligible without providing documentation. Students who are absent 5 or more days may provide documentation for a lawful absence within 5 days of the absence with a limit of 5 parent notes. A suspension will count against eligibility. Eligibility requirements for fall activities are based on the fourth quarter GPA and attendance from the previous school year, with the exception of incoming high school freshmen. Eighth-grade students promoted to high school as freshmen automatically meet both GPA and attendance requirements for the first quarter. Starting with the second quarter, freshmen must meet the 2.25 GPA requirement with no failing “F” grades.

Winter activity eligibility is based on first-quarter GPA and attendance; spring activity eligibility is based on second-quarter GPA and attendance. If a student receives a failing grade in any quarter, they are ineligible for the remainder of the season, for post-season participation and for the following quarter. Students cannot regain eligibility at interim report time or at any time during the quarter, season or activity time frame.

Additionally, students absent the entire day or during afternoon classes may not practice, compete or perform. Students suspended from school are not eligible until they are reinstated by the principal and have attended more than one half of their class periods for one day. Students absent for excused reasons other than illness have no restriction in that day’s practice or contest. The school must approve the absence prior to participation.

All students must have a physical exam and be determined to be physically fit to participate on any school team. A physical is valid for one year. A licensed physician, a physician’s assistant under the supervision of a licensed certified physician, or a certified nurse practitioner must perform the exam. Certification of the exam must be provided to the school before a student may participate in a school-sponsored athletic activity. A parent/guardian and a health care provider must sign and date the physical form. Forms are available on the CCPS website at