The information in the Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) COVID-19 dashboard includes data from the start of the 2021-2022 school year, Aug. 30.
The dashboard is updated daily (effective Dec. 22, 2021).  

About the dashboard

The CCPS COVID-19 dashboard provides systemwide and individual school data about positive COVID-19 cases among CCPS students and staff, as well as the number of students and staff in quarantine. CCPS tracks student and staff COVID-19 positive data as reported by schools, offices, parents and staff.

  • Data is updated daily (Monday through Friday - starting Dec. 22, 2021).
  • Data reported in the dashboard reflect cases identified and managed by CCPS.
  • Data includes cases reported with a lab-confirmed positive COVID-19 test result.

How to use the dashboard

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Instructional Video


Why is CCPS providing this information?

  • CCPS is providing this information as a public service. All reported COVID-19 positive student and staff cases are displayed on the dashboard.

How often will the dashboard be updated?

  • CCPS updates the dashboard daily, Monday through Friday. 

I clicked on a school location and I want to return to see all locations. How do I do that?

  • Click on the location again and it will return the dashboard back to showing all data for all locations.

When I click on a particular location, I see “blank” showing in one of the columns. What does this mean?

  • This means that a case has not been reported for that column (either student or staff) for that location.

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