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Code of Student Conduct

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III. Definitions

A. Property, school activity, school time, student, staff member, and off-campus conduct

School property is understood to mean all real property owned, leased or under the supervision of the Board of Education, including vehicles owned, leased, or contracted by the Board of Education. Student property includes any item of value brought to school by a student or possessed by a student at school. The Charles County public school system, and its employees and agents, are not responsible for the loss, theft, damage, or destruction of any student property. 

School activity is defined as any approved activity sponsored by the Board of Education and/or any approved activity sponsored by any Charles County public school on or off Board of Education property. This includes all approved school- and/or system-sponsored trips and activities.

Periods of time expressed in number of days throughout the Code of Student Conduct are days of the week in which school is in session. The regular school day or time is the time extending from the moment the Board of Education assumes responsibility for the student until the end of the school day when that responsibility ceases. This is from the time the student steps onto the bus or arrives on school property at the start of the school day until departure from the bus or school property after dismissal. The Board of Education is not responsible for individuals on school property who are not participating in an approved school-sponsored program.

Student is defined as an individual registered with Charles County Public Schools. Staff member is defined as an individual employed or contracted by Charles County Public Schools to carry out assigned duties and responsibilities.

Off-campus conduct may be regulated under CCPS policy, which states students may be disciplined for off-campus conduct that caused or could cause a disruption to the orderly school environment. Principals are authorized to discipline students enrolled at their schools for off-campus conduct and for misconduct occurring at other Charles County public schools.

B. Misconduct and gross misconduct

Most violations of the Code of Student Conduct, school rules and/or common sense rules of behavior are generally classified as misconduct. Infractions classified as misconduct are normally dealt with at the school level by the classroom teacher or the school-level administrator. If incidents of misconduct are frequent or persistent or sufficiently serious, they might be labeled as gross misconduct, which could be dealt with at a level beyond the school. This might include suspension to the Superintendent and involvement by legal authorities.

If you have any questions, please call your school principal or the Director of Student Services, 301-392-7510 or 301-870-3814.


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