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Office of Minority Achievement

The role of minority achievement is to monitor the implementation of the Ten Requirements to Increase Minority Achievement and to ultimately eliminate the achievement gap among student groups.

Minority Achievement Requirements

The following requirements were developed by the school system's Minority Achievement Advisory Committee and have been adopted by the school system to address the achievement gap of minority students:

  • Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) will attract, recruit, employ, support and retain minority employees and encourage them to seek opportunities for advancement and promotion.
  • CCPS will provide sensitivity training to all employees, certificated and support personnel, to address cultural diversity. A human relations course will be required as a condition of hiring.
  • CCPS will provide training for parents in critical areas such as conferencing, homework assistance, system policies and procedures, discipline, grading and reporting and students' academic performance.
  • CCPS will provide yearly updates to the community on academic achievement and minority participation (in forums, churches and civic organizations, flyers and in the media). Academic celebrations will occur just as athletic banquets and other recognition programs do.
  • CCPS will strive to ensure equality and equity for schools based on identified needs in order to address the five-year plan focus of academic achievement, personal responsibility and career readiness.
  • CCPS will provide opportunities for minority students, particularly African Americans, to participate in accelerated and enrichment opportunities within and beyond the regular classroom (minimum participation of 10-25 percent of the total African American student population).
  • CCPS will assist schools in attracting, recruiting and training minority role models to work with individual students, groups or in school wide settings.
  • CCPS will provide assistance in the established homework or tutorial centers with computer training, reading and mathematics, targeting those students who have been identified from data in need of remediation. Students will also be given enrichment instruction.
  • CCPS will provide intensive reading and accelerated math programs for elementary and middle school students.
  • CCPS will build in a monitoring system for the implementation of these recommendations.
Comments or questions about this site? Contact the office of Minority Achievement at 301-934-7245.

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