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Weather Alert

Prepare for emergency school closings

Decisions to close or delay the opening of schools are made as early as possible. Every effort is made to decide by 5 a.m. Once that decision is made, school officials record the information on the 24-hour information line, post it on the website, air the information on Comcast Channel 96 and Verizon FiOS Channel 12, and announce it through the Citizen Notification Service. These are the most reliable sources of Charles County Public Schools information.

Additionally, the school system notifies Washington metropolitan area radio and television stations, which are listed on page 10 of the Parent Handbook/Calendar that is distributed to all students at the beginning of each school year. While we provide this information to the media, we do not have any control over how quickly, or if, radio or television stations announce the information.

No announcements are made when schools are open.

When the weather is bad, the school system monitors road conditions and regularly contacts the Charles County Sheriff’s Office, Maryland State Police, state and county road departments and the National Weather Service for road and weather assessments.

Early dismissal/delayed opening

  • Parents should create an emergency plan for their children in the event weather conditions cause the early dismissal of schools. Go over that plan with your children so they know what to do if schools dismiss early. Devise plans for one-, two- and three-hour early dismissals. We try to avoid early dismissals, but they are necessary when weather conditions threaten the safety of our students. Decisions to close early are usually made by 10:30 a.m. On early dismissal days, morning prekindergarten students remain at the school, receive lunch (to be reimbursed by parents) and ride or walk home at the scheduled dismissal time.
  • A delayed opening permits buses to operate under safer conditions after traffic has diminished and roads are salted and/or cleared. Buses start routes one or two hours later than scheduled. If there is a one-hour delayed opening, morning prekindergarten starts one hour late. If schools open two hours late, prekindergarten is canceled. School for students in the three-year-old program is canceled if there is a one-hour or two-hour delay.

After-school activities

  • If schools are closed or dismiss early, all after-school activities/meetings are canceled.
  • If schools remain open, but hazardous weather is predicted for later in the evening, afternoon activities may be allowed and evening activities may be canceled. Afternoon activities are those that end by 6 p.m. Evening activities begin at 6 p.m. or later.

Weather varies throughout the county

Weather conditions in one part of the county, such as icy or flooded roads, might cause a delayed opening or early closing even if the roads in your neighborhood appear safe. Charles County Public Schools operates as a system, and unless there is an isolated closing of one school, announcements are for all public schools in Charles County. The safety of our students and staff is our first priority.

Make-up days

Maryland law requires schools to operate 180 days each school year. Four inclement weather days are built into the calendar. If they are not used, they will be deducted from the end of the school year. In the event that harsh weather causes conditions requiring the use of more than four inclement weather days, the addition of school days will occur in the following order: Feb. 18 (Presidents Day), April 5, 4, 3 and 2.

Want information fast?

Call the 24-hour information line at 301-934-7410 or 301-932-6656.

Receive e-mail and text message notifications from the Citizen Notification Service (CNS). E-mail notification is free; standard text message rates by your cell phone carrier apply. Visit to sign up and select Charles County Public Schools, then School Closings/Delays.

Check the website at Announcements are placed in the scrolling tag line at the top of the page.

Watch Comcast Channel 96 or Verizon FiOS Channel 12, the school system’s television stations.

Receive inclement weather announcements from Twitter. To register, visit

Sign up to receive Charles County Public Schools press releases for instant e-mail notification. Visit to subscribe to the service.


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